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    10 tips for an effective PPC landing page

    8th October 2019 | Pay-Per-Click |

    Is it absolutely essential these days to have a fully optimised landing page for your pay-per-click digital marketing campaigns. These optimised pages are an essential part of digital online marketing and ecommerce.

    By really thinking through the design and layout of your PPC landing page, considering all details such as a well thought out strapline, colours and imagery used, the positioning of call to actions on page and also the general ‘voice’ of your page will ensure that you make the most of your budget, streamline your purchasing process, and ultimately drive more traffic and conversions to your business.

    As listed on, please see some great tips below to consider when planning your PPC landing page

    Funnel consumers to targeted pages

    Every once in a while, we’ll see an ad on Google that takes users right to a site’s home page. While this might sound like a good idea for branding, people that search sites like Google are often looking for pretty specific information, so it makes sense to bring those potential customers to a targeted page related to their search query, rather than to your home page. A home page often exhibits multiple goal-oriented messages, which makes it more appropriate for a curious explorer. But if your main goal is to increase conversions, it helps to focus on one message, one goal, and one page. Which takes us to our next tip!

    Determine a clearly defined goal for your landing page

    Because the traffic you’re generating with a PPC campaign isn’t free, it’s extremely beneficial to make a plan for what you’re trying to accomplish. Each landing page you add to your campaign should have a clear, well-defined and measurable goal. The obvious goal is to optimize for conversions, but you may also choose to lead people to more information on your product or service, or to enroll people in a weekly newsletter. Whatever the goal, it is imperative that all landing pages have a clear and targeted message. Once your page has a main idea or focus, make sure to also have an equally clear and effective call to action, so site visitors know where to go (more on that later).

    Create an eye-catching primary headline

    Don’t neglect category headings and titles! You want to make sure to explain to your visitors what the landing page is about, and ensure that it is relevant to their search term.

    Develop a strong call to action (CTA) that supports your goal

    A strong CTA successfully delivers a clear message that encourages the visitor to engage with your site, and ultimately convert. Buttons with the text “Buy Now”, “Add To Cart”, or “Register Now” should be placed strategically on the page. Of course, you can feel free to get creative with your CTA button text, but it should remain concise and to-the-point.

    Pay attention to design and user experience

    First impressions are always important, so be sure to design your landing pages in a way that is visually appealing and easy to navigate, understand, and read! Do not include information that is not relevant to your page’s goal. Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has not visited your site before (in fact, bring over a friend who is unfamiliar with your site!). If a first-time visitor doesn’t like the look or feel of your site, navigation, or category pages, it’s a good idea to consider changing the design to be more user-friendly.

    Make sure all CTA buttons or forms are mobile-friendly

    If someone clicks your ad on a mobile device and wants to convert, you must be sure the form or conversion button works flawlessly. A difficult user experience for a potential customer will likely kill a conversion opportunity. Run tests on a variety of mobile devices and internet browsers. If something isn’t working or looking right, work to fix it as quickly as possible. You can also test your site for mobile friendliness using Google’s aptly-named resource.

    Test the speed of your landing page, and make sure it loads fast!

    Page load speed is becoming more and more important, as many users are getting used to faster internet speeds. There are a number of tools that can test, assess and help diagnose your page speed and display key areas of improvement. You can use whichever tool you prefer, but GTmetrix and Pingdom are good ones.

    Be consistent

    Always make sure that your ad copy appropriately matches the landing page’s message. Differing messages lead to confusion, which increases the chance of a potential customer bouncing from your page. Go through every step of your conversion process, and make sure that your message is consistent and always on point.

    Use relevant images that support your product or service

    Large, high resolution photos have shown to lead to higher online conversion rates, and studies have shown that images are better at grabbing a viewer’s attention. If you have the time or budget to devote to having some custom image design, adding some eye-catching, attractive images to your landing pages can go a long way.

    Don’t go overboard with landing page copy

    It is important not to overwhelm site visitors with an abundance of site text, if you can avoid it. The goal should always be to deliver a clear value proposition and CTA to consumers who click on your PPC ads, so it is important to keep the reading to a minimum. The purpose of a landing page should not be overshadowed by information that could distract visitors from converting. Depending on the product or service, a short list of bullet points about your product or service is much more effective than long paragraphs.

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