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    Blunders to avoid with your mobile and tablet websites!

    29th March 2020 | Search Engine Optimisation, Website Design |

    In this article, we discuss some common blunders found when designing a responsive website, and blunders that should certainly be avoided at all costs.

    Almost 49% of all people surfing the internet worldwide use their mobile devices. This number is ever increasing and is a massively important factor when thinking about and designing your new website. If your website, when viewed on a mobile or tablet device, is slow, dated and not user friendly, you could be missing out to a massive chunk of your intended target audience.

    Additionally if you are hoping to rank highly on search engines, having an up-to-date, fully functioning, responsive, mobile website is key, as Google now gives ranking priority to fast loading, well operating mobile websites under it’s “Mobile-First” indexing.

    See below for our top blunders to avoid at all costs! (discussed at Web Design Depot).

    1. Using Device Sizes as Breakpoints

    Breakpoints are used to determine how your website looks and operates at a certain size, width or heigh. According to OpenSignal, there were over 24,000 different Android devices in 2015; this number has increased in the past five years. As there are so many varieties device, the screen dimensions differ vastly too. To ensure that your website offers a seamless browsing experience on all devices, you need to get your breakpoints right.

    2. Not Considering File Sizes

    Visual elements can make your website more attractive to users. However, you must be careful when you’re adding them to your website. They are typically larger than text files and can slow down your page loading speed. As your page loading time increases, so do your bounce rates. In fact, according to Akamai, the bounce rates increased by 6% when pages took 1.5 seconds more to load during the 2017 holiday season.

    3. Not Using Adaptive Image Management

    While the file size of an image is important, so are its dimensions. You may not worry about using images of different dimensions in conventional website design. However, when it comes to responsive design, missing out on image management can be catastrophic for your user experience. The last thing you’d want your visitors seeing is huge images on a small screen.

    4. Hiding Content

    One of the biggest mistakes that you can make while creating a responsive design of your website is that of hiding content. You might do so to fit your website on a smaller screen or to increase your page loading speed. However, you must avoid it at all costs. Remember, people aren’t coming to your website just to look for a small sample. They want the same browsing experience that they get on desktops.

    5. Keeping Consistent Navigation

    Giving a consistent browsing experience to your visitors across all devices is of the utmost importance. However, absolute consistency isn’t good either. One of the biggest mistakes you can commit while trying to do this is that of keeping consistent navigation across all screen sizes.

    When your screen size reduces, a consistent navigation bar may end up occupying half the screen and might spoil the browsing experience altogether. You should consider shrinking the navigation with the screen size and could change it to a hamburger menu.

    Along with your navigation, button sizes and visual layouts should not remain consistent either. However, typefaces, links, and colour treatments should be consistent.

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